May 26, 2018


Kym & Gianni |  Wedding in Florence  | Italy


Bride: Kym

Groom: Gianni

Location: Villa Casagrande

Photographer: Duccio Argentini

Flower and decor: Iaia Florevents

Aerial shots: Let Your Imagination Fly - Fly Service


Chosen service:  Package WEDDING DAY : Post prod. Video Trailer 60 s. and  Short film 6/7 mins.


Wedding Short Film:





Kym and Gianni decided to realiser their dream together their families and friends in the historical site of  Villa Casagrande in the heart of Tuscany.


Located in the historic center of Figline Valdarno, a city strategically located in the center between the cities of Florence, Arezzo and Siena, is a vast and characteristic building with a large and austere cloister of purely Tuscan style.


The event took place in the Villa Casagrande with the decorations of “Iaia Florevents”, from the preparation of the spouses in the suite rooms to the ceremony in the center of the beautiful garden enclosed in the medieval fortress with an incredible surprise show of the “Sbandieratori dei Borghi e i Sestrieri Fiorentini” group.

The celebration continued with the dinner in the garden and the first dance in the court of Villa Casagrande, making a beautiful atmosphere with their families and friends.


It was a magical experience to tell the story of Kym and Gianni Wedding in our beautiful Tuscany.






" Our experience with Cesare has certainly been since the first approach a delightful journey. A few weeks before the wedding day we had a meeting where we established the timing, moves and any other details with an immediate feeling that Cesare knew exactly how to make the day memorable with his clear mastership in videografy. During our meeting we agreed on what where our focuses in regards of the video achievement vision.


On our special Day Cesare showed up with his extra hand Andrea and together they made us feel fully punped and pampered throughout the all day without interfering in the flow and harmony of our Big Day. After the wedding Cesare often update us with the development of the video which it end up to be simply astonishing with the best highlights of that wonderful Day. The video and the experience with Cesare for this lifetime event left us speechless and with goosespams and tears of joy at any time we have watched his simple work of art. What to add..  "


Love from Kym and Gianni






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